Thursday, July 15, 2010

SOLD! iCons: The greatest second act in the history of business by Jeffrey Young & William Simon (paperback) SGD 10.00

“……recommends it highly to all business readers…” (Financial Times, 16th January 2006) 

"...the writing is savvy and lively...even readers with a scant interest in computers, technology or animated movies will find the tale entertaining..." (, 29 Aug. 2005) 

"...a story of the personalities behind the facts and figures...includes some interesting personal touches..." (Liverpool Daily Post, 22nd June 2005) 

“…rich in anecdotes and retellings of turning points in the lives of Jobs, Apple and Pixar…” (Information Age, 1st August 2005)
"...the authors paint a vivid picture of Jobs as an occasional genius and a regular jerk. All of which makes for gripping reading for any Mac fan..." (icreate, July-December 2005) 

“…Young and Simon are particularly good at telling the inside story…” (Belfast Sunday Life, 3 July 2005) 

“…new perspectives on the creation of Apple…details Jobs’s meteoric rise, fall and rise again…” (Moneywise, June 2005) 

“…a well-balanced look at an incredible life. The achievements are all catalogued in full, as are the personal idiosyncrasies and shortcomings…” (Glasgow Sunday Herald, June 19 2005) 

"Provides insight into inner businer business strategies and power plays between larger-than-life personalities such as Disney boss Michael Eisner." (USA Today) 

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